AP Human Geography

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AP Human Geography Assignment 

*Work on Martha's Vocab List

Chapter 1: Thinking GeographicallyChapter 2: PopulationChapter 3: MigrationChapter 4: Folk and Popular CultureChapter 5: LanguageChapter 6: ReligionChapter 7: EthnicityChapter 8: Political GeographyChapter 9: DevelopmentChapter 10: AgricultureChapter 11: IndustryChapter 12: ServicesChapter 13: Urban PatternsChapter 14: Resource Issues 


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What is A.P. Human Geography? Well Geography is the study of where things are located on Earth's surface and the reasons for the location (Rubenstein). Geography is both a physical and social science. When geography concentrates on the distribution of physical features such as climate, soil, and vegetation, it is a natural science. When it studies cultural features, such as language, industries, and cities, geography is a social science(Rubenstien).